Monday, June 4, 2012


King Arthur was a legendary hero whose loyalty for man showed the world true honor and peace... but one secret he kept to himself is now leading sixteen year old Michael McCloud into a maze of secrets, controversy and murder.

Michael thought learning to control the four elements would be the most important part of his life, but almost being murdered over an object he doesn't have, makes learning about the elements the least of his worries. Follow Michael as he learns about this powerful object and why legendary hero King Arthur is the key to all the mystery.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

BROKEN (Reflections) by Dean Murray

Adri Paige is too busy dealing with the emotional fallout from losing half of her family to deal with boys. At least she thought so until the two most intriguing guys in her new school take an interest in her.

Both boys are gorgeous and blessed with obscene amounts of money. They should have the emotional depth of note cards, but instead display undercurrents she doesn't fully understand. Rumors the pair destroys peoples' livelihoods seem ludicrous until she gets caught in the crossfire and her family almost loses their home. She's increasingly unsure either boy is really human, and their rivalry is rapidly turning deadly.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

HOPE ROAD by John Barlow

John Ray, son of crime boss Antonio 'Tony' Ray, is the straight one of the family. With a successful business and a lifestyle to match, he wants nothing to do with his father's criminal world. But what does that world want with him?

A young prostitute is found dead in John's car, and Freddy Metcalfe, his best friend and employee, is framed for her death. Freddy denies everything but it's an open and shut case: he's going down for murder.

John sets out to find the real killer. But things get complicated. A stash of counterfeit money was also found in John's car, and the police seem more interested in that than in the dead girl. Then Lanny Bride turns up; one of the North’s most ruthless criminals (and an old friend of the Ray family), Lanny is desperate to know who killed the girl. But why? Meanwhile, Freddy is too scared to talk to anyone, even his lawyer.

John's police detective girlfriend, Denise Danson, has been warned off the case by her boss. But she doesn't believe Freddy is guilty, and secretly helps John look for the murderer. The problem, though, is that uncovering the shocking truth about the girl's death will force John to confront his own criminal past and risk destroying his future, as well as losing the only woman he's ever loved.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

DELUGE by S.B. Sebrick

The city of Shaylis still lives, the traitor Melshek is slain, but the Destroyer walks freely upon the earth.

Kaltor’s newly awoken link to his brother causes more problems than it solves, bringing five years of dampened doubt and fear crashing down on his mind. Suspicion between his parents tests the bonds of his family’s loyalty. Mysterious deaths and demonic dreams haunt their path as they attempt to cut off the Destroyer before she reaches civilization.

Their efforts against the Destroyer collide upon the walls of the capital city, Levarion. Here the fate of king and realm will be decided in a relentless battle of both mind and steel as the Abyssian’s full power and her new champion are finally revealed.

Monday, April 9, 2012

28 PAGES by Allen Mitchum

Heather Grahl, a young Washington, D.C. lawyer, receives a call one morning bearing devastating news: police in the Bahamas discovered her sister’s decapitated body. With no apparent suspects or motive, the authorities offer little help in solving the crime.

Determined to find her sister’s killers, Heather sacrifices her career and risks her life pursuing the murderers. Through her investigation, she uncovers evidence linking the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the gruesome killing and learns of a shocking Saudi conspiracy against the United States that her sister died trying to expose. Heather races to reveal the deadly Saudi conspiracy before she shares her sister’s fate.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GO OUT & KILL JOHN DOE by Andrew Lavrik

A killer comes to your home. He is a psychopath who believes he should kill everybody who has committed a sin. How have you sinned and how will you pay for it?

Chip Ivanov, has lost everything: his job, his money, his girlfriend. He has no money to pay for a flat and he will be on the street soon. What could be worse? A maniac-killer has entered his home. Chip will have to play a dangerous game with the psychopath to save the last valuable asset he has - his own life.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

GAMERS by Thomas K. Carpenter

Two points for brushing your teeth. Ten points for keeping your room tidy. Seventy-two points for the Bioeconomic Game Design pop quiz on the ride to school in your personal FunCar. Another thirty for making every hurdle in gym class.

Life is a game, unless you're not the one winning.

Gabby DeCorte, top student and reality-hacker extraordinaire, has been doing whatever it takes to keep her best friend, Zaela, from falling behind in LifeGame. Zaela has gifts of artistry that amaze Gabby, but none of those skills translate in LifeGame and with final exams coming up, they can't afford to waste a single minute. But when a mysterious group called the Frags contacts Gabby claiming to know what really happens to the losers of LifeGame, she must choose between winning and what she believes in.

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