Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LOONY BIN by Richard Leverone

Nothing is what it appears after a devastating injury places Matt Kenny within the confines of Slater State Hospital, an under-funded, long-term care facility. Matt becomes a local medical focal point when he is unwittingly enrolled in the first-phase clinical trial of Portland Pharmaceutical's unique investigational drug. At first, the trial results exceed all expectations, but lurking deep in the shadows, a rival drug giant, desperate to protect its billion-dollar drug-market monopoly, has initiated a ruthless plot to derail Portland's new wonder drug. Trapped within a centrifuge of murder, betrayal and deceit, Matt stands to become Jupiter's ultimate victim.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

COME OUT TONIGHT by Bonnie Rozanski

You may have read newspaper reports of zombie-like behavior in people who have taken the sleeping drug called Ambien. These people get up in the middle of the night to walk, eat, and drive cars in their sleep. The next day they sometimes find themselves in jail and have no memory of what they had done. And have you heard, as well, of the patients who wake up after years in a vegetative state - ten minutes after they’ve been given Ambien? COME OUT TONIGHT is a gripping psychological thriller inspired by these reports.

Henry Jackman, a pharmacist’s assistant working in a run-down drugstore in New York City, wakes up one morning to find his girlfriend unconscious on his living room rug. Someone has attacked her. He calls an ambulance, and manages to get her to the hospital alive but comatose. There she progresses from coma to vegetative state, never quite becoming conscious... until the day Henry gives her Somnolux, a new-generation sleep aid.

Henry, an insomniac, has himself been taking Somnolux. He has been experiencing blackouts, something he doesn’t quite admit to, not even to himself. There is evidence he’s been doing some strange things in his sleep: women’s underwear turns up in his drawers; sexy women in his bed. Could Henry have attacked his girlfriend himself without any knowledge of the fact?

Enter Donna Sirken, a no-nonsense, over-worked homicide detective who for seventeen years has clawed her way up the NYPD ranks to her current position as Detective Second Grade. “I’d have sworn until this very moment that criminals are not evil,” Donna tells us. “Sure, they’re violent, lazy, banal, or just plain bad. They want something for nothing, or their father beat them into a lifelong resentment against the world ….They grew up poor, abused, or just plain angry. Something set them on the road to crime, but Evil? C’mon.”

A study of which we truly are, COME OUT TONIGHT is more than a whodunit. Profound, keenly observed and caustically funny, it will leave you thinking long after it is done.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

COMMITTED by John W. Medford

Sinful deception. A malicious corporate takeover. A grisly murder. Unrelenting greed.

We all have that inner voice, the one who knows all but refuses to let even our closest confidantes inside. The one we must calm when we’re most unsettled. The one who seeks to understand our path, our destiny.

Michael Doyle lives in emotional anonymity, resistant to fully devote himself to anyone or any cause. Without warning, a technology conglomerate acquires Michael’s company, and he quickly sees through the fog of political posturing: false hope, layoffs, and blatant dishonesty.

Then, death reaches up and grabs him. Shaken to the core, Michael leans on his live-in girlfriend, who has touched his heart like no one else. But her haunting past resurfaces, and she’s pulled into a seedy web by an outside force so cruel, so cunning it destroys every soul in its path.

Can Michael rise above his greatest fear to uncover the truth about a murder and save the life of the person he loves most?
Only if he's...COMMITTED.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

TANTRIC ZOO: A Bud Warhol Mystery by Rob Loughran

Tantric Zoo: A Bud Warhol Mystery begins at a tantric sex couples retreat in 1987. Amid the cavorting and indulging and groping and exploring one of the campers ends up dead. The surviving campers bury the body and return to their lives.
Until 2008 when the body is discovered and forensic anthropologist Bud Warhol tracks the campers down. Bud finds the murderer but also discovers how two decades of guilt has altered and affected the lives of everyone involved with the Tantric Zoo.
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